First, before we look into satans game plan, I think we should understand the hedge of the vine. The vine is your Catholic Faith, and the hedge is your mind, formed in clear thinking by the Holy Spirit through obedience to all Church teaching. The clear thinking is a gift that follows obedience. Obedience first! The vine cannot be trampled underfoot unless this hedge and fence have been destroyed first. But there is a Divine rider to this: "He that uproots a hedge, a snake will bite him." [Ec. 10:18]
We now begin to understand how utterly dark and fuzzy is the thinking of a mind who has allowed his hedge to be destroyed by disobedience, and whose Faith then becomes corrupted, to the point that argument to try and assist this mind is utterly pointless. This is the main thrust of false apparitions, and all false teachings. The darkness that follows the souls decision of disobedience, to follow something the Church has decided against. "If then the light inside you is darkness, what darkness that will be." What follows then is that the soul is now unaware of the punishment to the intellect because of the disobedience, and the soul is now nuetralised, ineffectual in the fight against satan, because the flow of grace is hindered or totally stopped by this act of disobedience, and satan grows stronger. This is why we have the abortion legislation. Satan won that fight because not enough Catholics were using the available Grace to stop him. The graces were there, but we couldn't usen them to the degree necessary to oppose satan successfully.
St Faustina on obedience: A disobedient soul will win no victory, even if the Lord Jesus Himself, in person, were to hear his confession. The most experienced confessor will be of no help whatsoever to such a soul. The disobedient soul exposes itself to great misfortunes; it will make no progress toward perfection, nor will it succeed in the spiritual life. God lavishes His graces most generously upon the soul, but it must be an obedient soul. (notebook 1. 113 )

The plan!
There really was ever only one message:- The message of the 'everlasting enmity'. [Gen.3:15] Satans plan to destroy as many souls as possible and drag them to hell, and God's plan to give all souls all they need to choose to love Him and arrive safely in Heaven.

In the beginning.
When God created the angels, it was necessary for all the angels to be given the chance to choose to love God. All creatures are given this choice. Despite being the ultimate of all the angels, Lucifer chose to disobey God and try to be a god himself. He obviously failed, but started a malicious war against all God's creation. This war chiefly is to get more souls into hell, but is also about disturbing and disordering the natural order. If it can't be destroyed, then to deform all that he can.

Once man was created in the garden of Eden, satan's plan was to get them to disobey, hoping that God would then destroy them and satan would be the winner. But no, God didn't destroy Adam and Eve, He forgave them. This satan didn't expect. Not only did satan fail to bring about the destruction of Adam and Eve, they procreated and brought more humans onto earth, more enemies of satan, more possible souls in Heaven. "Thus the hand of God planted a tiny vine, His very own, at the origin of the human race, when humanity was only 'two people' old. It was an invisible vine, for though it was in this world, it was not of this world. It was a vine that was meant to carry God's strain, the New Covenant after the fall, from generation to generation, a living tradition that would keep the 'Everlasting Enmity' alive, free from any oblivion or corruption. And deeply encoded in the chromosomes of it's spiritual nature, to guarantee this Incorruption, is the mystery of the promise of the woman of Genesis.
Thus it came about that, with this vine, God firmly established True faith on earth never to disappear again, as in the fall, even when eventually it would be kept in only one family.
And inseparable from Faith, something else had been grafted onto the vine as a hallmark of the divine strain: Obedience to the Faith. "Obedience is better than sacrifices". [1 Sam. 15:22]
Thus, sentence had been passed and war declared: 'The Everlasting Enmity' between satan and 'his seed' and 'the Woman of Genesis' and 'Her Seed'.
God's first creatures, the angels and our first parents, were created in the image and likeness of God. They were perfect, ...but were not yet all-perfect. Somehow it was possible to drive a wedge between these two states. Somehow it appeared possible to separate the creature from his state of near perfection, and reduce him to a state of near ruin.
This is where satan expects God to destroy mankind, because of his horrific disobedience, and consign him to hell, since this was satans punishment for his own disobedience. But something totally unexpected happens, a horrifying shock for satan, God FORGIVES man. Adam and Eve live on.
Now, even though man was forgiven, he still had to be punished for his sin, and the debt of the sin must be expiated, but because of the enormity of the sin with such drastic and far reaching consequences, man simply could not suffer enough to expiate the original sin. The debt was too big. Only a God-man, called Jesus Christ, would be able to suffer enough to pay the debt of the original sin and carry the load of ALL sins for all time.

Earliest attacks on the vine.
Satan couldn't fully understand God's promise that satans head would be crushed by the deliverer, the seed of the woman. He couldn't know who the deliverer was. So, was it Cain? He might have been, but then so might Abel. As the twins grew up together, and their respective characters became manifest, it would be plain to satan with his knowledge of God's ways, that a man of Cain's type could not be the promised seed. On the other hand, Abel, the man of God, might be. Satan was taking no chances: he had too much at stake. Hence Abel's premature death. Satan found a convenient and suitable instrument in Cain, "... who was of that wicked one and slew his brother" [1 John 3:12].
After Abel's death, Cain was banished, and, in a stroke, Adam and Eve had lost both sons and no doubt "realised the terrible consequences of their own disobedience, producing poisonous fruits in their own offspring. But the 'God of all consolation' was merciful and in time gave them another son, Seth, who would follow the slain Abel in putting into practice the growing understanding of the urgent demands of the coming deliverance.
Satans plan to destroy the line of the invisible vine is blocked and frustrated by God, by the birth of Seth, who carries on the the true Faith, and the promise of the deliverer. So, appropriately, Satan's next effort is nothing more or less than an attempt to corrupt the whole of Adamic womanhood, thus rendering the coming of the Promised Seed impossible. God's way of dealing with the new threat was to keep ONE FAMILY free from the prevailing sexual corruption and to destroy all the rest of humanity by means of the deluge.
Was this corruption so widespread that it required such measures by God? "And the earth was corrupted before God, and was filled with iniquity. And when God had seen that the earth was corrupted - for ALL FLESH had corrupted it's way upon the earth - He said to Noah: 'The end of all flesh has come before me.... Make me an Ark' [Gen. 6:11-13]
To discern why satan had such a universal success with his plans of perversion, we can find the answer in St Paul, when he revealed to the Thessalonians that the 'mystery of evil' is already at work, he gave his own reason for it's success amongst sinners: "because they did not possess THE LOVE OF TRUTH that could have saved them". [Thess. 2:10] Love of truth... how simple really is the solution. We are not even required to be in the possession of all the truth, as long as we welcome it whenever it reveals itself to us.
This is why satan gives us false apparitions, to draw Catholics into disobedience who he can't get to disobey in any other way. A supposed apparition, that appears to say the right things, pray the Rosary etc, but which is false. People get hooked on these false apparitions, refuse to obey the local ordinary in charge of the Diocese where the apparition is supposedly occurring, then become neutralised because of this ongoing disobedience, and the punishment for this disobedience, is a damaged intellect that cannot see the disobedience, and no words can effect a cure. It requires a special grace which they have no right to because they have cut themselves off by their disobedience, and this grace can only be won for them by someone else. And every person satan gets to disobey, his power on earth grows.
Satan realised that his "victory" in corrupting "all" humanity was actually a lie, and that God had preserved, in the ARK, the true vine.
With the universal corruption of Adamic womanhood before the flood, satan had meant to make the arrival of the deliverer impossible. But these hopes and calculations too perished in the swirling waters of the great flood, as these revealed to him conclusively that once again he had hoped in vain. It was the awful totality of the destruction which forced him to admit that, in God's eyes, the time had not yet come and that his attempts, however thorough they may have been, had been premature and proven to be altogether out of touch with a Divine Masterplan to which he had no access. With the descent of eight people from the Ark, he saw that a new order of things was being initiated by the survivors under Divine direction .... the sight of the Ark had shown him conclusively, that such an absolute corruption was as impossible as it was necessary. The Vine, carrying the 'strain of God' and the hope of the Promise, had been allotted a protection far beyond his calculations. If a new order had been conceived within the four walls of this astonishing craft to which he had not been privy, then an altogether new order would be initiated by him as well.
There is every indication that around this time satan decided to abandon wasting his efforts at thwarting the arrival of the promised Deliverer. Without altogether ignoring the Vine and it's divine strain, he would concentrate instead on building up his own empire, and on indoctrinating his parallel 'strain', in preparation for the arrival on earth of his most terrifying 'seed': Anti-Deliverer, to become known as the Antichrist.

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