What is The Blessed Virgin Mary asking of us today, in our very troubled world. Despite all these years of devotion, why is the world still sliding down the slippery rope to chaos and destruction.

It is said that the Devil told St. John Vianney, “If there were three such priests as you, my kingdom would be ruined.” If we Catholics are millions, why are we failing to eliminate the devils empire on earth?

Sister Lucia tireless talked about Fatima, the Blessed Mother’s messages and requests, particularly praying the Rosary. She was “frustrated, however, when people wanted to focus on the miracles and secrets,” Paul said.
"She used to say, 'The miracles and secrets aren't important. We must concentrate on Our Lady's message. Live the Ten Commandments. That's what's important.'"
The nuns living with her at Carmel of Coimbra revealed that it always pained Sister Lucia as some people insisted on revealing the third part of the Secret.
She would say, “If only they live what is the most important thing, which has already been said…They only concern themselves with what is left to be said, instead of complying with the request that was prayer and penance!”
That should inspire us to live the requests Our Lady of the Rosary so plainly made for all of us through the seers at Fatima.
Jacinta’s insights which were recorded at the time she spoke them. Some of them are:

Jacinta’s insights which were recorded at the time she spoke them. Some of them are:
"The sins which cause most souls to go to hell are the sins of the flesh."
"Fashions will much offend our Lord. People who serve God should not follow the fashions. The Church has no fashions. Our Lord is always the same."
"The sins of the world are very great."
"If men knew what eternity is, they would do everything to change their lives."
"People are lost because they do not think of the death of our Lord, and do not do penance."
"Many marriages are not of God, and do not please our Lord."
"Wars are the punishments for sin."
"Our Lady cannot at present avert the justice of her Son from the world."
"Penance is necessary. If people amend their lives, our Lord will even yet save the world, but if not, punishment will come.”
"You must pray much for sinners, and for priests and religious. Priests should concern themselves only with the things of the Church."
"Priests must be very, very pure."
"Disobedience of priests and religious to their superiors displeases our Lord very much."
"Heaven forgive those who persecute the Church of Christ."
"If the government would leave the Church in peace and give liberty on, it would have God's blessing."
On Christian virtues: "Mother, fly from riches and luxury."
"Love poverty and silence."
"Have charity, even for bad people."
"Do not speak evil of people, and fly from evil speakers."
"Mortification and sacrifice please our Lord very much."
"Confession is a sacrament of mercy, and we must confess with joy and trust. There can be no salvation without confession."
"The Mother of God wants more virgin souls bound by a vow of chastity."
"To be pure in body means to be chaste, and to be pure in mind means not to commit sins; not to look at what one should not see, not to steal or lie, and always to speak the truth, even if it is hard."
"Doctors do not know how to cure people properly, because they have not the love of God."
"Who taught you these things?" I asked her. "Our Lady, but some of them I thought out myself. I love to think."
Jacinta revealed that our Lady had appeared to her and emphasised pervasiveness of “sins of luxury and carnality that cost the loss of so many souls.” Queen of Heaven was asking for penance in reparation of those sins.

ST John Paul II prophetic warning in 1976:
We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel.
We must be prepared to undergo great trials in the not-too-distant future; trials that will require us to be ready to give up even our lives, and a total gift of self to Christ and for Christ. Through your prayers and mine, it is possible to alleviate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it. . . .How many times has the renewal of the Church been brought about in blood! It will not be different this time.

One single act done with aridity of spirit is worth more than many done with feelings of devotion.

St.  Francis de Sales